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Our Mission

We believe that the door to salvation is always open and so are the doors to our church. Our mission is to be fully devoted to Jesus by opening our arms to those in search of the truth. We show God’s love and concern for our fellow man at every opportunity. Through works of charity and opening our doors to listen and love, we feel that we are walking in the footsteps of Jesus Christ.

Rev. Allen L. Davis, Senior Pastor

Janaury 2020

Happy New Year!

2020 - A Year of DESTINY!

Can you believe 2019 is spent?  Well, for some of us, there are still a few things left to do before officially closing the door on last year . . . like taking down the Christmas tree and putting the decorations away.  Hey, it's not like a man's not busy.  There's the college football bowl games, the NFL playoffs, WWE Monday night RAW, and Friday night SMACKDOWN.  Give us a break!

I trust you have had a few moments to reflect on God's faithfulness and many blessings of the year past.  If we're honest, there is more to praise for than to pout about.  I love the Apostle Paul's approach to the future--forgetting the things behind and straining for what is ahead (Davis paraphrase).  While it is true that we can learn from the past, there is nothing in yesterday we can undo.  Our energy, effort, and enthusiasm should be fixed on today and tomorrow.

My watchword for 2020 is BEYOND!  Not like "to infinity and beyond" or Bed, Bath, and Beyond--more like somewhere you've never been before or something you've never done before!  BEYOND is more than here and the opposite of settle, common, and old hat!  In 2020, it is my commitment to go BEYOND the same old and to experience my Savior in a fresh, renewed, and astonishing way!  It is also my challenge to our church family!  Landmark, it is time to step forward, to expand, (not just to build a new facility), and to push for the prize of knowing and experiencing the Lord in amazing details.

During the month of January, I will be presenting and defining what BEYOND might look like for us.  Check our Mark 7:37!  As we toss the old calendar and peel the cover off the new one, take some time to figure out where you are and where you would like to go spiritually.  God is active, alive, engaged, working, and performing His good pleasure every second of each minute of the day.  It's all about what He is doing.  It's about joining Him  and partnering with Him to be blown away by Him.  Curious?  See you Sunday!  

Pastor Davis

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